Production licensred heartrock Amon Amarth flags

Heartrock Licensed Amon Amarth Flags

Are you a wholesaler or a distributor of flags and you have a huge passion for Heavy Metal? Here you are our collection of flags of the heavy metal rock band Amon Amarth. Our Heartrock Licensed Amon Amarth Flags we produce are entirely Made in Italy and authorized by the Rock Band. If you want to read more about our production of flags look at this section: The measure of this kind of flags is of 75 x 110 cm and they are perfecty replicated in every detal. So what are you waiting for? Buy your heartrock flag licensed today. Don’t loose the occasion!

Remember that we don’t sell our products to retailers and private customers, but only to wholesaler and distributors. Enjoy your flags!

Amon Amarth Battlefield (HFL1111)

heartrock licensed amon amarth flags battlefield

My pale face face glows in the light of fire
My hollow eyes see but cannot see
I stare deep into the glowing inferno
The loss I feel is breaking me (Amon Amarth, the avenger)

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Amon Amarth Ship (HFL0828)

heartrock amon amarth ship flag

Standing on the ocean side
We can hear the waves
Calling us out with tide
To sail into our fate ( Amon Amarth, the pursuit of vikings)

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Amon Amarth Skulls (HFL0992)

heartrock licensed amon amarth skulls flag

The last head falls to the ground
No one is left alive
They thought that they could take me down
But it’s not my time to die ( Amon Amarth, when silents gods stand guard)

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Amon Amarth Thor (HFL1027)

heartrock licensed amon amarth thor flag

The legend tells of a man that fell
From grace of his baptised king
As a banished mn he fled his land
But solemnly sworn to return with holy war (Amon Amarth, Thor Arise)

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Amon Amarth with Oden on our side (HFL0826)

Heartrock amon amarth licensed flag with oden on our side

Finally the storm arrives
Out wait is at an end
Under dark winter skies
We make our final stand (Amon Amarth, With Oden on our side)

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