Heartrock Licensed Avenged Sevenfold flags: HFL version (Heart Flag Licensed)

“Before the story begins, is it such a sin, for me to take what’s mine, until the end of time”( Avenged Sevenfold- a little piece of heaven). Today we are going to present you our special collection of Heartrock Avenged Sevenfold Flags.  These special flags are produced in HFL version(Heart Flag Licensed) with a measure of 75 x 110 cm. Every Flag we produce is totally produce in our fabric in every phase so they are totally Made in Italy and reproduced perfectly in every detail. If you want to learn more about our production of flags look this section: https://heartrock.com/wholesale-flags/ . We’ll do our best to give you an excellent product. So what are you waiting for? Buy your licensed rock band flag today!

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Heart Flag Licensed Avenged Sevenfold (HFL1125)

heartrock licensed avenged sevenfold flags

Royal flames will carve a path in chaos,
Bringing daylight to the night (Avenged Sevenfold, Hail to the king)

This model is a perfect reproduction of 2013 cover heavy metal album” Hail to the king. In this image the first particular that capture our attention is the skeleton with in a sword sitted in a chair. The red text written under and the top of the skeleton give a character to the image. If you like this article you can click here: https://heartrock.com/product/avenged-sevenfold-2/

Heart Flag Licensed Avenged Sevenfold Coffin (HFL1131)

heartrock licensed avenged sevenfold coffin flag

“We do know that we are cheated from birth to the overcharge on our coffins.”
John Steinbeck, The Pearl

A coffin in the middle of the image with a skull in the centre, the white text written is if would give the idea of bones and death, a flag in a very heavy metal style, the ideal for all the lovers of the genre. If you are interested in this article and you want to add it in your catalogue of products click the following section: https://heartrock.com/product/avenged-sevenfold-coffin-2/

Heart Flag Licensed Avenged Sevenfold Death Bat (HFL0771)

avenged sevenfold death bat flags

Do you the story of the mythic logo of this american heavy metal rock band? This logo was designed by the artist Micah Montague and it almost began a philosophy in which the Avenged Sevenfold and their fans feel a sort of “membership”. Here the full video of the story of the Death Bat Birth: https://youtu.be/wougbwygGBM

if you like this flag don’t hesitate to add to your cart in the following link: https://heartrock.com/product/avenged-sevenfold-death-bat-2/

Heart Flag Licensed Avenged Sevenfold Fire Bat (HFL1079)

heartrock avenged sevenfold fire bat flag

“Wind warns November’s done with. The blown leaves make bat-shapes, Web-winged and furious.” ― Sylvia Plath, The Collected Poems

This special item, is an article that surely all heavy metal fans should have. The first fing we note immediately is the tone of red of the image protagonist that give an effect has all the background is flaming. The tone of red is in perfect contrat with the black of the background and the grey of the text. If you like this flag you can order it now here: https://heartrock.com/product/avenged-sevenfold-fire-bat-2/

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