Heartrock Licensed Children of Bodom flags

if you are a wholesaler and a distributor of flags, this collection of Heartrock Licensed Children of Bodom Flags is a must. This Flags are ideal for people who are lovers of heavy metal rock music and especially for real Children of Bodom fans. These articles are available in the HFL version (Heart Flag Licensed) and have a measure of 75 x 110 cm. All our flags are entirely produced in our fabric with the best printing techniques. This items are totally Made in Italy and faithful in every detail. If you want to read more about our flag production process click in the following section: https://heartrock.com/wholesale-flags/.  In this article we are showing you our best Children of bodom items and we are telling you some curiosities about this legendary heavy metal group.

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Heart Flag Licensed Children of Bodom: Cross Scythes (HFL0813)

Heartrock Licensed Children of Bodom flags: cross scythes

The portal has been past and it’s
time to make a turn, to follow the reaper
until the point of no return. ( Children of Bodom, follow the reaper)

A red Man in the middle of the flag with two bloody scythes in his hand, the contrast between the red and the black of the background, make this item a must for all the fans of the genre. If you want to purchase this flag click now here: https://heartrock.com/product/children-of-bodom-crossed-scythes-2/

A curiosity: This mythic hard rock band is one of the most Finland’s best selling artist of all time with 250.000 records sold them alone.

Heart Flag Licensed Children of Bodom: Splattered Logo (HFL0814)

Heartrock Children of Bodom splattered logo

Some few letters in the image that are the initials of Children of Bodom. The first thing we note is the red colors of them that gives the idea of blood. The black background intensifies this contrast. If you like this flag, you can purchase it now here: https://heartrock.com/product/children-of-bodom-crossed-scythes-2/

a cuiosity: The heavy metal rock band studio album,  Follow the Reaper was their first album to receive a Gold certification in Finland, and since then, all seven of the band’s studio albums have acquired the same status. In Finland, Children of Bodom has released three consecutive albums that debuted at number one on Finnish album charts, and has also seen chart positions on the United States Billboard 200.

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