Heartrock licensed Green Day Flags: HFL (Heart Licensed Flag) and DF (Door Flag)

If you are a Wholesailer or a Distributor of  flags,  we have the flags perfect for you. In this special article we are going to talk about our original Heartrock Licensed Green Day Flags. These originals and specials flags are available in our website in two varieties: HFL (Heart Flag Licensed) and Door Flag. Every flag is Made in Italy, authorized by the Rock Band or Solo-Artist and with an accurate design perfectly replicated.  We produce all our flags in every phase so if you want to learn more about flags production click here: https://heartrock.com/wholesale-flags/

We want to remind you that Heartrock doesn’t sell Rock Band products to retailers nor private consumers, but only to Wholesailers and Distributors. Now we are going to show you our best Green Day flags. Enjoy the site!

Heart Licensed Green Day Flags

Heartrock Green Day American Idiot flag ( HFL0742)

heartrock licensed green day flags: American Idiot

This special, licensed, original flag is a perfect reproduction of the design of bestseller American Punk Green Day album.  This item is Made in Italy and mesures 75 x 110 cm. If you want to purchase this item, send us a order in the following link: https://heartrock.com/product/green-day-american-idiot-2/

curiosity: this album was published in 2004 and became number one in 19 countries selling 16 milions of copies worldwide!

Green Day American Idiot Bombs flag (HFL0769)

heartrock licensed green day flag: American Idiot Bombs

Here you are a special variety of Heartrock Flag Green Day American Idiot. This creation is original and authorized by the Rock Band. It meausures 53 x 150 cm and is Made in Italy. If you are interested in this item, send us now a order in the following link: https://heartrock.com/product/green-day-american-idiot-bombs-2/

Green Day Uno-Dos-Tre flag (HFL1129)

Heartrock Green Day Uno-Dos-Tre flag

Here we are going to show you an other interesting item of our collection of Heart Licensed Green Day Flags. This is special version of the trilogy style design Uno! Dos! Tré! This flag measures 53 x 150 cm and totally produced in Italy. If you want to purchase this order, click on the following link: https://heartrock.com/product/green-day-uno-dos-tre-2/

curiosity: Uno! Dos! Tré! is a trilogy of albums published between april and december 2012. The album Uno! won the golden album in Italy, Austria, Japan and United Kingdom.

Green Day Wings Flag (HFL 0743)

heartrock Green Day wings flag

If you want to order something classic, here you are this fantastic version of flag with Green Day logo wings. The measure of this item is 53 x 150 cm and is totally Made in Italy. If you want to buy online buy online this green day flag, order this item in the following link: https://heartrock.com/product/green-day-wings-2/

curiosity: Did you know that Billie Joe Armstrong and the singer-bassist Mike Dirnt played the first time together under the name Sweet Children in 1987?

Door Green Day Flags

Green Day 1! 2! 3! Door Flag ( DF018)

green day 1! 2! 3! door flag

Now we are going to present this original, licensed Door Flag perfect for real Green Day fans who want to decorated their doors. The design of this flag is a faithful reproduction of the trilogy album uno! dos! tré! This product is Made in Italy and measures 53 x 150cm. If you to buy online this item click on the following link: https://heartrock.com/product/green-day-1-2-3-2/

And you? what is your favourite item? Add now your favourite flag in the cart and if you want something more, there is a lot to see in this website! Contact us if you have any question or suggestion to the following link https://heartrock.com/contact-us/ we will do our best to improve the service e to answer to as soon as possible.