Heartrock Licensed HammerFall Flags: Heart Flag Licensed (HFL)

If you are a wholesaler or a distributor and also a fan of Heavy Metal here to you something special for you: our collection of heartrock licensed Hammerfall flags. Every flag we produce is totally Made in Italy and measures 75 x 110 cm. If you want to learn something new about our production process of flags click in the following link: https://heartrock.com/wholesale-flags/.  They are faithfully reproduced in every detail and authorized by the rock band. They can be used both indoor and outdoor as for example hung in a bedroom as a poster or used for the next Hammerfall  concert. Our purpose is to give you the best product you could have.

We remind you as usual that we don’t sell to private users or retailers, but only to wholesalers and distributors so what are you waiting for? Send us an order of your favourite Hammerfall flag today!

HammerFall Rebels with a cause flag (HLF0955)

heartrock licensed hammerfall flags

She was sick and she was lost
Searching for an answer, rebels with a cause
Doing what they do to get what they need
Life was cheap, there were no guarantees (Hammerfall, Rebels with a cause)

This flag is a faithful version of the album rebels with a cause, the vividness of long lasting colors, the contrast between the blue of the night and the read of flames, the strongness of the effect of words. This article is a must for all the lovers of this genre. If you want to purchase this item click here  in the following link: https://heartrock.com/product/hammerfall-rebel-with-a-cause-2/

HammerFall Threshold Heart Flag Licensed (HFL0803)

Heartrock HammerFall Threshold Flag

There are clouds on the horizon
Shifting colours, heavy rain
High above the roaring thunder
Shooting bullets through your brain (HammerFall Threshold)

This flag is a perfect reproduction of 2006 Heavy Metal Hammerfall cover album. This article is a must for all Hammerfall fans. If you want to add this flag in your product catalogue add it now in the cart here: https://heartrock.com/product/hammerfall-threshold-2/

And you? Which of this flags do you like most? If you want to ask us something or make a  suggestion don’t hesitate to contact us and going in the voice of the menu in the top of the website page or click there: https://heartrock.com/contact-us/ . We’ll do our best to give you an excellent service and to help you as soon as possible! We also invite you to look at the other section of Heartrock.,com website, we have flags of all varieties and also other rock band merchandising!  so what are you waiting for?

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