Heartrock Licensed Lil Wayne flags: Heart Flag Licensed (HFL) and Door Flags (DF)

Are you a Wholesailer or a Distributor of  flags?  we have the flags perfect for you. In this special article we are going to talk about our original Heartrock Licensed Lil Wayne Flags. These originals and specials flags are available in our website in two varieties: HFL (Heart Flag Licensed) and Door Flag. Every flag is Made in Italy, authorized by the Rock Band or Solo-Artist and with an accurate design perfectly replicated.  We produce all our flags in every phase so if you want to read more about flags production click in the following link: https://heartrock.com/wholesale-flags/

We want to remind you that Heartrock doesn’t sell Rock Band or Solo-Artists products to retailers nor private consumers, but only to Wholesailers and Distributors. Now we are going to show you our best Lil Wayne flags. Enjoy the site!

Heartrock Lil Wayne Heart Flag Licensed: Colour Portrait (HFL1101)

heartrock licensed lil wayne flags

When a girl cries over a guy,she really loves him.when a guy cries over a girl ,he will never love another girl like her.” ― Lil Wayne

This fantastic flag is perfectly reproduced in every detail and it meausures 75 x 110cm. The colors are vivid and long-lasting. This article is a must for all fans of the genre. If you like this item and want to purchase it send us your order now here: https://heartrock.com/product/lil-wayne-colour-portrait-2/

Heartrock Lil Wayne Heart Flag Licensed: Live (DF014)

heartrock Llil Wayne Live flag

“Just remember that when nobody else was there for you I was.
And when nobody else gave a damn I did.” ― Lil Wayne

This Door Flag meausers 75 x 110 cm  is perfectly reproduced in every detail: the photo is in high definition and the colors are long lasting and vivid. This flag shouldn’t miss in your catalogue of products. If you are interested and you want to purchase it go in the following section: https://heartrock.com/product/lil-wayne-live-2/

And you? What is your favourite flag? If you want to ask us something or make a  suggestion don’t hesitate to contact us and going in the voice of the menu in the top of the website page or click there: https://heartrock.com/contact-us/ . We’ll do our best to give you an excellent service and to help you as soon as possible! We also invite you to look at the other section of Heartrock.,com website, we have flags of all varieties and also other rock band merchandising!  so what are you waiting for?

The Heartrock Team