Heartrock Licensed Sonata Arctica flags: (HFL) Heart Flag Licensed

If you are a wholesaler or a distributor and also a fan of Heavy Metal here you some interesting for you: our collection of heartrock licensed Sonata Arctica flags. Every flag we produce is totally Made in Italy and measures 75 x 110cm. If you want to read more about our production process of flags read here: https://heartrock.com/wholesale-flags/.  In adjoint they are perfect in every detail and authorized by the rock band. They can be used both indoor and outdoor as for example hung in a bedroom as a poster or used for the next Sonata Arctica concert. Our purpose is to give you the best product you could have.

We remind you as usual that we don’t sell to private users or retailers, but only to wholesalers and distributors so what are you waiting for? Buy your favourite sonata Arctica flag today!

Sonata Arctica Flag ( HFL0598)

Heartrock licensed sonata arctica flags

I am feeling your face in the dark
I’m hearing you breathe in the dark
I am tasting your lips in the dark
I am holding you close in the dark (Sonata Arctica, in the dark)

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Sonata Arctica- For the sake of revenge (HFL0736)

Heartrock Licensed Sonata Arctica flag

We have been stuck in here a day, seeking Answers for all eternity, or something Hear the meaning, speaking in me Have faith in me, have faith in me… (Sonata Arctica, for the sake of revenge)

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Sonata Arctica- Grays of Days (HFL1003)

heartrock sonata arctica grays of days flags

In the eyes of every newborn, I see the future
Life is just a phase.
I close my eyes and see them all here beside me.
The last amazing grays… (Sonata Arctica, the last amazing grays)

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Sonata Arctica- Iced (HFL0920)

heartrock sonata arctica iced flags

From the darkness, into the light
Face the demons, left and right
If there’s no wrong, can there be right?
Only a thin, fading line (Sonata Arctica, No pain)

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Sonata Arctica- Reconing night (HFL0654)

Heartrock sonata reconing night flags

I was born and raised by the sea, shy yet proud,
Learned to stay away from the crowd
In my home, my lighthouse…
101 steps, round and dound
New Years Eve, one night in the town
Can change one life into eternity… (Sonata Arctica, White Pearl- Black Oceans)

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