Heartrock Victoria Francés Flags: A fantastic Gothic Collection

Heartrock doen’t produce only Rock Band and solo Artist Flags, but also Fantasy and Gothic Flags, so if you are a Wholesailer or a Distributor of flags and you need something different and original we have what you are looking for. Today we are presenting you our collection of Heartrock Victoria Francés Flags, beautifiul flags perfects for people who love the magic, dull, misterious, fantastic world of Gothic. Heartrock Victoria Francés Flags are available in two types: HFL (Heart Flag Licensed) and DF (Door Flag). We produce every flag of this gothic and fantastic collection in every phases and all of them are Made in Italy and licensed by the author, perfect in every aspect. If you want to learn more about our production of flags look here: https://heartrock.com/wholesale-flags/ , we will do the impoossible to give you the best product you could have.

As always we remind you that Heartrock doesn’t sell the product to retailer or private customers, but only to Wholesailer and Distributors. Enjoy your flags!

Heart Flag Licensed Victoria Francés Flags (HFL)

in this section we are showing you our best Heart Flag Licensed of Victoria Flag Collection. Our flags measures 75 x 110 cm and can be used both indoor and outdoor as for exemple hang on the wall of your bedroom or in an office, or used as a poster everywhere you like.

Victoria Francés Liberame (HFL0653)

victoria francés flags: liberame

“Her name is Favole and she has been living in solitude for eternities, she sleeps under the waters of dark canals and dreams with the thick mist that floods the surface of tender and melancholic Venice.”  (cit. Victoria Francés).

Dark, Onereic, but in he same time Sensitive and Romantic: this is the story of Favole, perfectly reproduced in this Licensed and original flag. We can admire the design that is elegant and expressive, and the colors are faithful in every coin of the image. If you want to purchase this item add to cart in the following link: https://heartrock.com/product/victoria-francs-liberame-2/

Victoria Francés Alchimia ( HFL0957)

victoria francés flags: alchimia

“I was born on the night of Samhain, when the barrier between the worlds is whisper-thin and when magic, old magic, sings its heady and sweet song to anyone who cares to hear it.”   (cit. Carolyn MacCullough, Once a Witch) 

Dull, Obscure, Dark, but also elegant and sophisticated: this is the essence of this wonderful flag. If you are interested in this item and you want to buy it click here: https://heartrock.com/product/victoria-frances-alchimia-2/

Victoria Francés La Muerte ( HFL0880)

victoria francés flags la muerte

“For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast,
And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed;
And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill,
And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!”
George Gordon Byron 

This beautiful flag can be descripted in two words: simply and sophisticated. The very few colors of this image render the complex very minimal, but in the same time very expressive. If you want to purchase this flag click in this link:  https://heartrock.com/product/victoria-frances-la-muerte-2/

Victoria Francés Door Flag

If you are searching something original, but also elegant, these flags of this collection are perfect for you. These flags measures 53 x 150 cm. They can be used for decorating doors or as a poster too. They can perfect gift to  everyone who loves the medioeval, mywhsterious athmosphere of Gothic.

Victoria Fran acés Dark Sanctuary (DF005)

victoria francés flags dark sanctuary

The Being of December Collect forgotten deviants In the depths of her dementia Took my loved one (cit. Dark Sanctuary)

When music meet art: this is the essence of this beautiful image. In effect this painting have done with the collaboration of the french Rock Band Dark Sanctuary, a perfect mixture between sound and colors. If you want to buy this wonderful flag click here: https://heartrock.com/product/victoria-frances-dark-sanctuary-2/

Victoria Francés Felina ( DF001)

victoria francés felina

We enjoy the night, the darkness, where we can do things that aren’t acceptable in the light. Night is when we slake our thirst. (William Hill- Vampire’s Kiss)

This is one the most expressive Victoria Francés images. The colors are vivid and this flag is reproduced in every detail. If you want to purchase this item don’t wait and click here: https://heartrock.com/product/victoria-frances-felina-2-2/

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 The heartrock team