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The flags Heart Flag Licensed are one of our most sold and important products, in fact the flags with license acted as a springboard of our company of selling merchandising in the marketplace of music.

Every flag created by Heart Rock is combined with an original license issued directly from the management of the biggest artists represented in our creations.

Heart Rock is proud to have a production fully “Made in Italy” on the best fabrics for flags and with the best designs and draws that replicate accurately the image of the band and the artists that trust in our experience.

In the category “Company” you will find some videos that will show you the production of our flags

In our site you will find all the flags with license authorized by the artists, that represent the biggest album covers that made famous all the bands and the solo artists Metal, Rock, Pop, Rap and Reggae of the international music world and also works that are realized exclusively for an individual style of the artist.

Each Heart Flag Licensed integrated in our product inventory offers an accurate reproduction of the flag that is sold and a complete description of the product, among which artist description, product description, measure of the flag (75×110 cm) and item code.

All our flags of the category Heart Flag Licensed are the official flags of the artists, in fact most of our flags are seek from the Rock Bands and you can find them in the merchandising stand outside the big tours or in the official site of the band or solo artist.

Here below you will find all the Heart Flag Licensed in alphabetical order per artist, from A to Z, with all the details to find the one the interest you, or you can search the single artist from the artists’ list in the menu “Bands” on the left.

We want to remind you that Heart Rock doesn’t sell Heart Flag Licensed to retailers, but only to wholesalers and distributors; if you want to see and buy our full range of licensed flags you need to register in our shop online and then enjoy our site!

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