Heartrock leather rock belt and bracelet: the accessories perfect for real rock lovers

If you are a wholesaler or a distributors of rock band flags and other gadget as for example, rock belt , bracelets classic leather belts, bracelet, web polyester belts, studs and more.

In this article, we will show our collection of classic leather rock belts, a classic item, perfect for lovers of heavy metal, punk rock music and in general rock bands. All our rock band classic leather belts and in general all the article we produce in our factory are all totally Made in Italy and produced with the material of best quality.   If you don’t have this item in your catalogue you must add them in the cart now. So, what are you waiting for? Discover with us our range of classic leather belts!

Classic leather rock belts and rock bracelets: our bestsellers

Heartrock sells a wide range of rock belts and necklace, made with distinct size, length, and kind of studs (cone, pyramid, bullet, k studs). All our classic leather rock belts and necklace are made with high-quality material and the studs of belts and necklace are made with shining steel colour. These articles are perfect for real rock lovers and to express your rock soul! So, now we are showing some of them and Let’s Rock!

Leather Belt 1 Row K Stud

rock belt

Here to you one of our rock leather best sellers. This wonderful classic leather belt is made with Real Leather and is totally Made in Italy. The studs of this item are made with shining steel. If don’t have this article in your cart add them now and click here: https://heartrock.com/product/leather-belt-1-row-k-stud-2/

Leather belt 3 rows pyramid stud

rock belt pyramid studs

Here to you another fantastic item that you must add in your catalogue of rock band belts. This belt is both very good to see and studied to feel you confortable when you wear it. If you like it add it now on the cart click here: https://heartrock.com/product/leather-belt-3-rows-pyramid-stud-2/

And you? What is your favourite belt?

Discover our articles on the website and if you need any information you can contact us here: https://heartrock.com/contact-us/. As always, we remind you that all our items are sold only to wholesalers and distributors. So what are you waiting for? Buy now your favourite item!