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Rock flags: “I’m kind of shy, and I think that I take that out by performing in front of a lot of people. That’s how I get out my shyness”. Marilyn Manson

Who doesn’t know Marilyn Manson? Today we are presenting you our new collection of Marilyn Manson’s rock band flags. Do you want to discover our flags with us? Read now this article, about our special Heartrock Licensed Flags.

Our Marilyn Manson’s rock flags are available in two varieties: HFL (Heart Flag Licensed) that mesures 75 x 110 cm and DF (Door Flags), perfect to attach them in your room and that have a mesure of 53 x 150 cm. So here you are our special models!

Discover with us our special Marylin Manson’s collection!

Marilyn Manson-Propoer (HFL 1162)

rock flags

Here you are a faithful reproduction of Marilyn Manson’s photo. The first thing we notice is the contrast between black and white, and the result is flag faithfully reproduced, made with long-lasting colors, that have an excellent resistance along the time. A perfect model for real lovers of Marilyn Manson and in general heavy metal music. If you want to add this flag in your catalogue of rock band articles please click on this link

Marilyn Manson-Pale emperor (DF 023)

Marilyn Manson
Here you are a fantastic article that you can attach on your door. In this Door flag we can admire the artistic photo and contrast between the white of letters and the black of flag’s background. If you don’t have this article, this is surely the moment to buy it. Add it now on the cart clicking here:

Let’s rock with Heartrock Licensed Rock Flags

All our rock band flags and other gadgets are totally made in Italy. If you have any question or you want to ask some information click here: and fill the model.

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